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Adlerian Psychology

The overall goal of Adlerian psychotherapy is to assist individuals, groups and families in using their strengths to face each area of life issues (personal/self, family, social, spiritual, vocational and so on) more cooperatively, more courageously, with a greater sense of competence and a greater sense of satisfaction.

As an Adlerian Therapists, Adlerians work with each client varies according to the client’s situation and the dynamics of the case. The holistic nature of Adlerian counselling and psychotherapy allows therapists to act as a person center counsellor one day, a cognitive behavioral or analytical therapist the next, an existentialist the next, a family therapist the next and as an educator, a coach or a mentor later. Such diversity might occur even within the same session.

Adlerians encourage clients to develop deeper feelings of connectedness (community feeling and social interest), and to redirect their striving for significance and belonging into more socially beneficial directions. Through a respectful and supporting dialogue, clients are invited to examine unhealthy assumptions, attitudes, behaviors and feelings about themselves, others, the world and life.

This is very practical. It is not merely a matter of gaining insight, but of transforming that insight into productive action. Antonio and Nancy help clients explore whether their unique lifestyle and private logic (their core beliefs about self, others, the world and life) contribute to accomplishing their goals or prevent them from achieving them. He facilitates an educative process of dialogue, insight, encouragement, re-orientation and enablement towards self actualization and contribution to society.