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Couples Therapy (Developmental & Gottman Models)

The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy explains normal/natural stages and struggles that growing couples encounter.

The model provides a structure for couples’ therapy by identifying the developmental task, developmental stalemate, diagnosis and specific treatment interventions for each stage of development.

This model helps couples become collaborative instead of combative, understand the underlying cause of relationship distress and motivate unmotivated partners to take action.
The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy integrates couples development with the following three scientific areas of study as well as practical techniques you can start using right away:

• Attachment Theory: Early life trauma that is stored in the emotional brain contributes to the pain couples inflict on each other.
• Differentiation Theory
• Neuroscience

The Gottman Model of Couples Therapy is an evidence based form of couples’ therapy that strives to assist couples in achieving a deeper sense of understanding, awareness, empathy, and connectedness within their relationships that ultimately leads to heightened intimacy and interpersonal growth.

By combining therapeutic interventions with couples’ exercises, this type of therapy helps couples identify and address the natural defenses that hinder effective communication and bonding.

The Gottman Method is a highly structured and goal-oriented form of couples’ therapy that is designed to help couples maintain healthy and lasting relationships (The Gottman Institute)

Some of the relationship issues addressed in therapy are:

• Frequent conflict and arguments
• Resolvable or perpetual problems
• Poor communication skills
• Emotionally distanced or disengaged couples on the verge of separation
• Specific problems: jealousy, control, infidelity, parenting and sexual difficulties.